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- Check section, place and date before confirming. We do not make any changes to your reservation or refunds, except in exceptional cases
- If you are staying in accommodation facilities, check if you already have a beach place included
- Sections accessible with animals are those with the
- If you leave your reservation before the payment, the place remains locked for about 10 minutes, then you can proceed with the booking
- The minimum booking is one day

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WELCOME to Caorle beach

Consorzio Arenili gathers the multiple beach concessions that in the past were managed by single hotels. Today the consortium manages 167.755 sqm of strand.

The main goals of the Consortium – working together with other local authorities that are part of it, like the municipality and some local associations – is to furnish to the beach customers all the useful services – sun umbrellas and sun chairs, entertainment, beach cleaning, etc. – in order to ensure the best experience possible, the environment safeguard and personal security.