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22-02-2017 - Caorle beach, whole year maintenance

Caorle beach and the Adriatic coast are subject to flowings, erosion and coastal storms all year round, especially in Winter. That's the reason why it is important to continuously provide to the maintenance of the beach, not just in the Summer.

This is the task of Consorzio Arenili: 365 days per year the workers use the tractors to move and smooth the beach of Caorle taking care of the maintenance and remake of the water edge. An important assignement carried out with cutting edge tools, as explains Riccardo Rothmueller, President of Consorzio Arenili di Caorle, talking to the microphones of the local TV news of Veneto region. The maintanance of Caorle beach is carried out using a satellite GPS system that maps the territory in 3D and - keeping stock of the morphological levels of the beach - allows to restore them. Season after season this enables to enjoy the same beach, avoiding erosions caused by the weather.

Everything is also made possible because of the Regional and European subsidies, essential for a beach resort as Caorle which - as the local tourism council member Alessandra Zusso explains - in Winter counts 12.000 tourists but in Summer reaches 4 milions and 200 thousand.

Whatch here below the TV news of 21st January 2017 talking about Caorle beach.