About us

The CONSORTIUM ARENILI CAORLE srl was founded in 1977 gathering together the multiple concessions of the hotels. Members of the Consortium are the Municipality of Caorle and important associations like the merchants association and the hoteliers association.

Aim and goal of the Consortium is to manage the beach services along the coast, specifically the services are the followings:





Goals of the Consortium Main objectives of the Consortium are:

Furnish high quality services that satisfy the customers

Monitor the needs and feedbacks of guests to ensure modern services able to answer their needs

Take quality culture to the beach

Promote the Consortium image, also by involving the affected public offices

Define and monitor the quality goals connected to the different company processes involving the workers through awareness and training campaigns and the communication of the achieved goals

Verify and analyse the satisfaction of customers

Monitor and manage complaints

Monitor and manage the costs of non quality

Define improvement plans about quality and use managing tools to control the results

Put constant attention to work security and environment.

The Consortium management believes that these goals can be reached following the principles of participation, collaboration and transparency.

Concessions CDM 21/99 - 03/14 - 02/17 License/Authorization n.737

Quality certifications of Caorle Beach

The main aim of Consorzio Arenili Caorle is to ensure the high quality of the services delivered on the beach. All the efforts of the Consortium are directed to customer satisfaction, not only just a continue improvement process based on analysis and monitoring of the feedbacks, but also through the acquisition of international certifications.

Certification of the Consorzio Arenili of Caorle

Environment Certification ISO 14001

Joining this international standard our organization commits itself to evaluate and improve its environment efficiency in terms of:

Control of the environmental impacts of its activity;

Continue improvement of the performances in a coherent, efficient and sustainable way;

Conformity to the environmental policy;

Involvement of the workers:

Communication with the interested stakeholders.

The introduction of a SYSTEM of ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT in a company is aimed to reach different gaols and carries advantages, both in terms of communication and marketing, both in terms of management costs:

Ensures to clients/users the commitment of the company about an efficient environmental policy

Improves the image of the company

Increases the value of the company

Allows to obtain favoured financings both by the EU and the Environment Ministry

Contributes to the reduction of insurance costs

Makes easier the dialogue with consumers associations, users, citizens and authorities

Reduces the incidents that entail administrative, civil and penal effects

Improves the efficiency and control of environmental costs

Saves row materials and energy

Facilitates the achievement of permissions and authorizations

Security in working places certification BS OHSAS 18001

This certification defines the requirements of a safety and health management system in the working places, obtaining this certification means:

Providing the company of a safety and health management system in the working places to protect all those that are more exposed to health and safety risks while carrying out their duties.

Develop, manage and improve in time a safety and health management system in the working places

Ensure conformity to what established in the own safety in working places policy

Demonstrate externally the conformity of the company

Certify the company safety and health management system in the working places using an independent organization

The advantages of this certification are the followings:

Potential reduction of injuries

Potential reduction of inactivity moments (and connected costs)

Demonstration of the conformity to laws and regulations

Demonstration to stakeholders of our commitment towards health and safety

Demonstration of an innovative approach

Increased opportunity to acquire new clients and business partners

Better risk management related to health and safety

Opportunity to reduce the insurance costs for civil responsibilities

Consorzio Arenili praises to activate a S.G.I. (system of combined management), i.e. a fusion of two systems in a unique S.G.S.A. Safety and Health Management System.