Bau Beach

Bau Beach

Even in Caorle you can find a special and confortable beach area reserved to dogs and pets.

Bau Beach is a part of the beach dedicated to all the tourists that want to mix the pleasure of an holiday by the sea in Caorle and the pleasure of sharing happy and relaxing moments with their four legged friends.

If you are the master of one or more dogs and you want to go on holiday without leaving your pets this area of the beach is what you were searching for: Bau Beach was conceived to host common pets (dogs, cats). Here masters and animals can stay as long as they want (daily, weekly, monthly) in a dedicated beach place.

The area is served with many services both for people and pets: changing room for tourists, umbrella and two chairs, drinking trough and shower for dogs. Moreover dogs can bathe in the sea thanks to a dedicated portion of sea marked by two buoys.

To use the service the masters have to respect the regulation showed at the entrance of the beach (to which people have to access with dog by the leash).

In the Bau Beach you can also find a lifeguard: you can ask him to buy or book your beach place, otherwise proceed online.

The access to the beach is a paid admission - you can find the price in the Consorzio price list area - and it costs as a beach place in every other part of the beach (The affiliated facilities offer it to their customers according to the agreement made by the hotel/agency)