Guests are required to constantly keep under control their own and their family unit’s health conditions. In case of development of symptoms similar to those of COVID-19, contact the local healthcare providers (hotline for Veneto Region: +39 800 462 340, hotline for the local public healthcare provider, ULSS4: +39 800 497 040, from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm).

● Adults and children older than 6 years old must wear face masks in closed public spaces and outside, when it is not possible to maintain the safety distance from other people of different family units;

● at the beach guard’s station, you can find sanitization points (with hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray and wipes);

● keep a safety interpersonal distance of at least 1mt;

● keep a safety distance of at least 1,5mt between neighboring beach places (beach umbrellas and pertaining equipment);

● it is forbidden to place beach equipment in the area between the beach property and the shoreline. It is possible to transit on the shoreline, respecting the interpersonal distance of at least 1mt;

● group activities (sports and games) that might create gatherings of people are forbidden;

● individual activities on the beach (e.g. beach tennis) and in the sea (e.g. swimming) are allowed, provided that the interpersonal distance of at least 1mt is respected;

● keep a safety interpersonal distance of at least 1mt while using playground areas, which will be sanitized daily.

● Guests are invited to access the beach property and use its equipment between 9am and 7pm (9:00 – 19:00), to ease the daily cleaning and sanitization process;

● Guests are required to always take their Caorle Card with themselves, so that the staff can check in any moment that guests are in the correct beach place (beach umbrella), which is previously assigned by the hotel or by the beach guard;

● Each beach place (beach umbrella) can be used by a number of guests that can guarantee that the safety distance of at least 1,5mt between beach places and pertaining equipment is always respected;

● Guests are required to only use the equipment of the beach place that is assigned to them . It is not allowed to use neighboring beach places’ equipment, even if they are not being used.