Guidelines for the beach services


1.Rental beach equipment and related services provided to our customers include the following: use of the sun-umbrella with tray, 2 sunbeds (standard equipment), use of the toilets, showers and changing rooms (if available), assistance service of the beach section operator. Due to legal obligation, the Consortium also carries out rescue and first aid activities, in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance of Bathing of the Municipality of Caorle and Ordinance of Bathing Safety of the Coast Guard of Caorle in force. The use of the games is not supervised and is free of charge.

2.The beach place, which consists of 1 sun-umbrella and 2 sunbeds, can be used by 2 adults or by a maximum of 4 people of the same family.

3.All those who hire the beach equipment and related services providedby the Consortium (referred to in point 1 above) declare at the time of booking that they know and accept this regulation without exception.

4.The validity of the seasonal, periodic and daily tickets, shall be subject to compliance by customers with the conditions listed in this Regulation. It remains agreed by express agreement, that the violation of even one of the conditions required in this regulation, entitles the Consortium to withdraw from the provision of services, with consequent loss for the customer of the sums paid for this purpose.

5.The customer must keep the documentation proving his right to use the beach services, being able to present it to any request from the company staff responsible for the checks. People who don’t have the sales document or ticket provided and filled up by the accommodation facility and found using the beach equipment, will have to pay the full price of the beach place for the whole day.

6.No refunds are made for tickets for any reason (afterthoughts, bad weather, high tide, storms, natural disasters, etc.).

7.Only for voucher/coupon holders:please give the voucher/coupon to the beach manager to get the assignment of a beach place. You can’t occupy the beach place without assignment.

8.Chairs or sunbeds cannot be taken from other places on the beach.

9.Chairs and sunbeds cannot be removed from the beach place so as not to invade the space of the next place.

10.It is not allowed to behave incorrectly, improperly or in any case such as to disturb other customers. If necessary, there will be immediate removal from the area, with eventually the possibility of complaint to the Public Security Authority and request for any damage suffered.

11.The Consortium has the right to add rows in addition to those present and the customer will be re-positioned maintaining, as far as possible, the same condition of the beach

place previously assigned.

12.We inform our customers that if necessary, for needs related to business activities, the Consortium will agree, upon notice, the assignment of another beach place.

13.The customer must use the equipment taking care not to damage it and promptly informing the Management of the Consortium of any malfunction. Users are required to pay compensation for any damage caused (through their fault or negligence) to the equipment owned by the Consortium.

14.Since overnight, people unknown can cause damage to the beach material, we recommend that tourists check it before use. Our staff is available for any problem.

15.The Consortium Management is not liable for any reason for damaged or stolen objects and/or materials belonging to the customer, inside and outside the public concession; therefore it is recommended never to leave money, valuables in general, clothing, toys, mats and any other personal items unattended; both day and night.

16.The sandy shore between the first row of sun-umbrellas and the sea must remain free (as per the current Bathing Ordinance of the Municipality of Caorle).

17.It is forbidden to place deckchairs, sun loungers, chairs, umbrellas, parasols, curtains and any other installation unrelated to the Consortium’s equipment in the sectors and areas granted to the Consortium.

18.Sports and games (volleyball, football, bowls, etc.) are allowed only in areas equipped for such activities. We are not liable for damages to property or persons caused by sports activities.

19.For reasons related to tourist safety, the holes dug on the beach for fun must always be covered.

20.Animals of any species cannot be introduced into the beach, even if they are wearing muzzle or leash, except guide dogs for blind people. They can only be introduced only into the areas specifically designated by the Consortium (BAU BEACH).

21.It is forbidden to move inside the beach area with bicycles or other vehicles that can cause damage to people and equipment.

22.Bathrooms, sinks and showers must be left tidy and clean. It is not allowed to use shampoo and shower gel in the beach showers.

23.The garbage must be throw in the appropriate bins. It is forbidden to deposit them, even temporarily, in any other place.

24.It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts or other waste on the shore.

25.It is recommended not to smoke between the rows of sun-umbrellas or in any case where there are people nearby.

26.It is forbidden to place sun-umbrellas, deck chairs, recreational items or other things that can be an obstacle to transit and bathing in the beach area within 5 meters of the shoreline. In presence of beach properties, the ban extends beyond five meters from the shoreline to the first row of umbrellas.

27.It is forbidden to light fires on the beach; transgressors of this provision will be reported to the competent Public Security Authorities.

28.GAME EQUIPMENT – The use of the games by children must take place in the presence of their parents or adults in charge of them. Management declines all responsibility for improper use of equipment. Don’t get into the rain-soaked games. It’s dangerous to eat while playing games. Wear clothing appropriate to play. First Aid: 118. You can report game breakages or deterioration to the following number: +39 (0)421.84272

29.RESCUE SERVICE – In the event that the state of the sea is judged to be dangerous, or situations of danger exist, the red flag will be hoisted. With such a signal, it is advised against taking a bath and the Consortium declines all responsibility towards those who do not observe this warning. On windy days, sun-umbrellas must remain strictly closed. Each customer, under these circumstances, must comply with the provisions of the beach staff. It is forbidden to remain on the lifeboat, touch the equipment provided for this purpose and stand in the area of the rescue tower.

30.The customer must comply with the provisions contained in this Regulation, with the Ordinances of the Municipality of Caorle and of the Harbor Master of Caorle (documents are located at the entrance of the beach facility), and with the Municipal Regulation for the use of the Maritime Domain. Non-compliance with the rules will result in the transgressor being removed from the beach area.

For any clarification you may need, please contact the staff of the beach section.