Safety on the beach is one of the aspects on which the Consorzio Arenili pays more attention.

In partnership with Security srl, Consorzio Arenili has initiated procedures and protocols to guarantee bathers the best possible protection on the beach.

Specifically, on the beach in Caorle all tourists can feel safe, because from 1st June to 15th September a rescue service with rescue staff is operational, for a total of 22 watchtowers distributed between the beaches of Levante and Ponente.

State-of-the-art sea rescue vehicles have also been adopted such as jet skis and the Rescue Surf (boards capable of supporting two people: rescuer and wounded person). Services that have already had the opportunity to be used, demonstrating their effectiveness and the efficiency of the rescue personnel.

On the beach, there is also an efficient nursing assistance system with two mobile and two fixed stations, and a segway service that can quickly and easily reach all points of the beach.

To provide assistance on the beach, useful information and an effective feedback collection system, the steward figure was established in summer 2016, staff of Conzorzio Arenili who play an important role in connecting Caorle Spiaggia and tourists.

Steward Service

A new steward service was introduced on the beach in summer 2016.

Coming to the beach of Caorle you will notice new figures circulating on the beach and carrying out control and information functions.

You can contact the stewards directly if you need information about the beach, regulations and events. The stewards are the meeting point between the tourist and the Consortium, operating in the field and providing help and direct assistance on site.