Safety on the beach is one of the most important topics for Consorzio Arenili Caorle.

Together with the company Security srl the Consortium has actuated procedures and protocols to ensure bathers the best safeguard possible on the beach.

In particular on Caorle beach all the tourists can feel safe because from 1st June to 15th September is operative the safeguard service with first aid staff with a total of 22 turrets distributed along Ponente and Levante. The staff can count on modern security means of transportation like water scooters and Rescue Surfs (boards that can transport 2 people: rescuer and injured. These services have already been tested showing their effectiveness and the efficiency of the safeguard staff.

On the beach there is also an efficient first aid assistance service with two mobile and two fixed stations and a Segway service that can quickly reach all the areas of the beach.

To guarantee assistance on the beach, useful information and a system of feedback collection has been created in summer 2016 a new position, the steward. The steward is staff of the Consortium that carries out an important linking function between the administration and the customers.

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Steward Service

From Summer 2016 has been introduced on Caorle beach a new steward service.

Frequenting the beach of Caorle you will see people going around with control and information duties.

You can ask to the stewards in case you need information about the beach, the rules and on going events. Stewards are the conjunction point between the tourist and the Consortium operating on the field and furnishing help and assistance on place.